Real Time Video Feed - Track Refunds, Voids and Cancels

Retailing today is a tough business and store owners face many challenges. The most obvious of these are theft, inventory shrinkage and dishonest employees which eat into the store's profits causing serious financial drains for retail and C-Store operators. Scanning through hours of poor-quality video tapes is no way to investigate "questionable" transactions and unfortunate incidents. That's why aboveo offers the best surveillance with POS, so absolutely nothing slips under the radar.

aboveo’s flagship product mercury|one is the leader in providing end-to-end transaction surveillance services in the retail industry.

Our transaction surveillance solution is integrated with C-Store Suite, enabling users to search surveillance footage using a wide range of POS transaction criteria for the search parameters, including Voids, All Voids, Refunds and more.

The service allows you to also audit employee transactions and monitor customer service procedures from any place providing retail operators a new level of store security and a welcome peace of mind. In addition to visual security, aboveo with its partners also provides comprehensive security solutions.

Implementation of our surveillance service in retail environments has proven successful in many ways. Highlights include:

  • Revenue Increase : Helps to improve staff planning, store layout and in-store advertising. It is also a highly efficient loss prevention tool.
  • Fast ROI : Reduced loss, less time spent on investigating suspect incidents, decrease in liability claims, enhanced marketing and optimized staffing all result in a compelling ROI.
  • Seamless Integration : Standard Ethernet network and cameras are compatible with your existing infrastructure. They easily integrate with e.g. POS & EAS systems, providing efficient ways to investigate suspect incidents and analyze business performance.
  • Future Proof : Based on open standards, giving you maximum flexibility when choosing surrounding equipment. The solutions are fully scalable and allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies and features.

Visit aboveo store and sign-up for mercury|one Transaction Surveillance service. Our philosophy has always been "Why risk it?". We believe it's a notion retail and C-Store operators can relate to.