ABOUT aboveo

aboveo is a leading provider of big data, social, mobile technologies and analytics, that help retail businesses connect with customers and partners in entirely new ways…all at low cost, low risk and quick results. Our customers tell the story best.

Defining Possible

Maintaining margins, optimizing supply chain, avoiding stock outs for in demand goods, improve responsiveness to trends/opportunities, compete aggressively with volume, category and convenience competitors, satisfy demanding consumers and integrate their buying experience across channels, deal with regulation and compliance, optimize costs including IT; seek profitable expansion opportunities; manage reputation risk are the key issues and business drivers store owners are faced with.

We have focused on creating a simple, cost effective and easy to use sales and business operations platform for the convenience store industry primarily catering to SMB enterprises through our effective service based model.

We envision partnering with convenience store owners to provide them the tools and means to stand tall in an increasingly competitive marketplace through which to drive business growth and eliminate the need to spend valuable time on rudimentary paperwork.

The concept originated from the founding members need and necessity to eliminate outdated manual processes, capture critical information, have adequate controls and real time business intelligence to make appropriate sales, purchasing and operations decisions to compete effectively against enterprise run C-Stores.

Corporate Headquarters
3295 River Exchange Dr, Suite 376
Norcross, Georgia 30092
Phone: 678-883-2928

Regional Office
KTC Illumination - 4th floor,
Gafoor Nagar, Image Hospital Road,
Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081
Phone: 040-48587459